Types of Funds

Types of Funds:

Unrestricted Funds. Income from unrestricted funds is distributed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Perhaps the most important of all foundation assets, unrestricted funds enable the Board to respond to changing needs as they arise.

Field-of-Interest Funds. These are funds whose income is used to support programs or organizations in a field specified by the donor. Funds could be designated for education, health care or the arts, for example, or for meeting needs in a particular community.

Designated funds. These funds are designated by the donor to support an established organization or program.

Donor-Advised Funds. These funds allow for donors to make suggestions as to how the income from their fund is spent. The Board welcomes this form of involvement and makes every reasonable effort to follow the donor's wishes.

Combined Funds, Pass-Through Funds, and Administrative Endowment Funds. For more information on these funds and ways to earmark a gift for a particular community, consult the Monroe County, Iowa Community Foundation.